Bell Aliant, one of North America’s largest regional telecommunications providers, serves more than 5 million customers in 6 different regions across Canada.


With more than 70% of their potential new customers going to their website prior to making a decision about whether to choose their service, Bell Aliant set out to create relevant digital experiences for all visitors.


By implementing Hippo in the cloud (with a completely portable solution that leaves the option for transitioning to in-house available), Bell Aliant has accelerated their time-to-market for all nationwide and regional activities. Hippo’s content targeting and personalization engine means that content can be served on a regional level and personalized to individual visitors while being controlled at a national level. 

"Hippo’s focus on reliability and open technologies like Java and Apache really helped make our decision."

Rick Lowes, BellAliant

5M+ personal experiences delivered to customers

6 regions across the country served localized content

Portable, agile cloud platform