You only get one chance at a first impression in digital, and today’s impatient and demanding audiences are often difficult to captivate and retain. But if you can make every digital interaction with your company a meaningful and interesting one for your visitors, they will stay. The answer lies in delivering excellent, personalized, targeted content to every visitor that walks through your (digital) door.

Unique Visitor Experiences

With Hippo, you can create, control, and deliver engaging content to your visitors in every channel. Our targeting and personalization engine enables you to personally connect to your visitors, serving them relevant content from the first second they arrive on your page

Cross-Channel Intelligence

Hippo’s open-source technology integrates with a wide range of tools and data sources, so you can track and analyse the behaviour of your visitors and optimise the performance of your content in any context, whether it’s web, mobile, social, apps, displays, billboards, or Internet-of-Things devices.

Rapid Optimization

It’s easy to experiment and build new digital properties rapidly with Hippo’s open architecture and easy-to-use interface, bringing businesses the agility and freedom needed for creating the best next personalized digital customer experience.


Unprecedented agility for rapid deployment, implementation, and experimentation

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Flexible integration with the tools you already use (or will use in the future)

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Intelligent, context-aware omnichannel content delivery

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