Our partners work with Hippo to help build and execute their clients' long-term, customer-focused, global digital strategy. While we focus on developing the world's most advanced enterprise digital experience platform, our partners leverage this platform to create the world's most innovative digital experiences. We collaborate only with the most skilled partners we can find to build best-in-class projects, based on long term relationships anchored in transparency, mutual trust and respect.

Implementation partners & agencies
Our agency partners design and deliver rich, immersive digital environments for their clients with Hippo that make use of our ability to create custom-tailored, personalized customer experiences for every visitor, while being able to repurpose, target, and optimize content across every channel. We provide extensive sales and marketing support to our partners in finding and closing new deals.

Technological alliances
Our technological partners rely on Hippo's enterprise-grade, scalable platform coupled with our open, flexible, API-driven architecture that enables development teams to build and integrate with Hippo however they want. We provide extensive technical support and consultancy to our partners in creating and building with Hippo.

What you can expect as a Hippo partner:

  1. Best of breed training and certification for developers, administrators, and end users
  2. Comprehensive support during the sales cycle
  3. Marketing collaboration, referrals and joint campaigns for active lead generation
  4. Access to our consultants and architects for support and QA assistance
  5. High quality documentation and technical support through dedicated partner portal
  6. Partner events and activities; features on our blog, newsletter and social channels
  7. Continuous improvement of the program based on your feedback

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