Hippo is joining the BloomReach family and we couldn’t be more excited!

As we take this major step forward, we are sure there are quite a few questions. Please take a look below for answers to some frequently asked questions and, of course, reach out to us personally with any further inquiries.

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What is being announced?

On October 26, 2016, Hippo announced that it has been acquired by BloomReach, a privately held company headquartered in Mountain View, California.

Who is BloomReach?

BloomReach delivers superior commerce experiences for many of the top global retailers by applying machine-learning and natural-language processing algorithms to data from more than 75 million unique monthly customers. The BloomReach Personalization Platform helps businesses create more relevant digital experiences through understanding, matching, and personalizing content and products based on what, and how, people are searching. BloomReach currently sees data from more than 20 percent of all U.S. commerce.

You can learn more about BloomReach and its product offerings at bloomreach.com.

What does this decision mean?

We at Hippo have always developed our product with the idea of providing a solution that solves our customers’ needs today and sets them up for success in the future, and we believe that data is the future. This belief led us to BloomReach, a leader in big data who has mastered the art of using machine learning and predictive technologies to deeply understand visitor intent. BloomReach enables businesses to not only use data from within their own walls, but leverage data and insights from the entire web to give visitors exactly what they're looking for.

Combining the incredibly powerful predictive analytics of BloomReach with Hippo’s agile content delivery opens the door to the digital experience platform that enterprises are craving - one that natively provides self-learning intelligence to bring the most relevant experience to each visitor in a cross-channel world.

We believe this is an incredible step for the Hippo platform and look forward to the data-driven path ahead.

What will happen to the brands?

Both companies have built tremendous reputations as innovation leaders with superior technology in digital commerce and content, and both companies will maintain their trajectory in the early stages of the integration. However, as the integration of both the teams and technology progresses, over time the Hippo brand will fold under the BloomReach brand.

What does this mean for current employees and those interested in joining BloomReach and Hippo?

This is an exciting time to be a part of BloomReach and Hippo! Current employees will continue to execute on their current duties, as both companies will continue investing in technology, engineering, customer support, marketing and sales activities. As the two companies integrate their teams over time, there will be new and interesting challenges for those passionate to be a part of the digital experience revolution. We encourage anyone interested in this journey to follow job opportunities on our career pages and social channels.


I am a Hippo client, how will this affect me?

I have an ongoing project/service request being worked on by Hippo, will this impact the timeline?

No. Timelines will remain unaffected.  

Does this impact my existing Standing Work Order or Master Services Agreement in any way?

No, it does not.  

I have a contract renewal coming up shortly, will this substantially impact the renewal terms?

No, it will not. However, the contracting entity may change.

Is my data going to move from a Hippo data center?

No. Data hosted via Hippo onDemand will reside in the current data centers and we plan no changes to the cloud infrastructure.

Will I continue working with the same people?

Yes. Our complete dedication to our customers remains the same and we are committed to continuing to build our existing relationship without disruption. You will continue to work with your current Hippo contacts, including account representatives, service, and support team members.

Are there any immediate product changes planned?

Hippo product development and support will not change course in the foreseeable future. Over time, we will leverage joint technologies to enhance and invest into the Hippo platform further. For you, this means you will be able to benefit from BloomReach’s expertise and technology advantage in the space of  personalization using natural language processing and machine learning.

Will product development continue to improve the current versions of the Hippo platform?

Yes. We will invest, continue to develop and maintain the Hippo platform going forward. The Engineering team in Amsterdam will continue to be focused on delivering new versions of the platform and extending and maintaining its functionality.

Is Hippo/BloomReach going to become specialized in Commercial oriented industries?

We will continue to deliver our solutions across a wide variety of industries, in both the profit and non-profit sectors.

When can I meet the BloomReach/Hippo team?

There will be members of the BloomReach team at Hippo.Connect in Amsterdam on the 17th of November. We look forward to seeing you there!

Who should I contact with further questions?

Please contact your regular account representative for any account specific questions you may have.


I am a Hippo partner, how will this affect me?

I have an ongoing project/service request being worked on with Hippo, will this impact the timeline at all?

No. Timelines will be unaffected and ongoing projects/services will proceed with business as usual.

Will my current partnership agreement remain valid?

Yes. BloomReach will honour all license, support, services and partner contracts and the legal entities of Hippo will remain in place for the foreseeable future.

Will the partnership relationship change in any way?

The relationship will become even more exciting, being a certified partner provides a great opportunity to be a part of the top notch technologies BloomReach and Hippo offer to the market and will allow you to expand your expertise and business around them.

Will I continue working with the same people?

Yes, you will continue to work with your current Hippo contacts.

Will partners be required to seek any new certifications?

Partners are still encouraged to become Certified Hippo Developers. We will keep you in the loop for any further certification opportunities in the future.

How will I remain informed?

As part of the ongoing partner enablement, we will offer sales / consulting training to our partners and keep our partners updated about future development.

When can I meet the BloomReach/Hippo team?

There will be members of the BloomReach team at Hippo.Connect in Amsterdam on the 17th of November.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Who should I contact with further questions?

Please contact your regular partner representative with any service-specific questions you may have.


I am a Hippo Community user, how will this affect me?

Will the Hippo Community edition continue to be supported and developed?

Yes. The Hippo Community edition will continue to be provided and developed under the current Apache Software License 2.0.

Will the Hippo Community edition remain open source?


Will there continue to be contributions to open source projects?

Yes, our team will continue to contribute to open source projects in general and the Apache Software Foundation in particular.

How can I keep up to date with the latest information?

The Hippo Community Developer Forum will continue to provide updates regarding the Hippo Community edition.