4 Key Takeaways from Intelligent Content Conference 2016 If content is king, intelligent content is the ace up your sleeve. Smart organizations are driving business impact through the application of intelligent content principles. Intelligent content is modular, structured, meta-data rich, reusable and format-free, which means you can deliver it to the right audience, in any channel at any time. Join Robert Rose, Chief Strategy Officer for the Content Marketing Institute, in this webcast covering intelligent content best practices and how you can get started with managing content at speed and at scale.

Together We’ll Discuss:
1. How to look for tools and technology that support the idea of intelligent content
2. Looking at the “content model” the connective tissue between strategy and implementation
3. Developing the Intelligent content and engineering strategy
4. Thinking about how to start with small focus areas, and then expand your content across the organization and the buyer’s journey

As businesses start to behave more like media companies, there emerges a seemingly overwhelming challenge: how to keep up. The only way we can keep up is if we start thinking about the structure of our digital content experiences so we can do the same.