Hippo’s flexibility and strict separation of code from content means that business and marketing teams can quickly add new content or channel executions; perform experiments and optimize that content based on visitor data; and even change the look, feel, and user flow of landing pages - so marketers and engineers can work in parallel to deliver creative innovation rapidly.

Hippo integrates cleanly within the enterprise digital ecosystem, its API focus allowing for lower customization requirements and its automated deployment and testing frameworks ensuring that businesses can build and deploy quickly even while navigating enterprise legacy and regulatory requirements.

Hippo was created with developers in mind. It’s built on a standardised Java stack and uses standardized templating technologies (Freemaker, JSP), allowing you to build custom components freely using Java or scripting technologies and create your own integrations. Additionally, Hippo Essentials provides a starting base of certified plugins from the Hippo Community. With Hippo onDemand, developers can quickly spin off new Hippo environments or deploy their own local environments into the cloud, including multiple test or production environments; they can leverage their own continuous integration platform (such as Jenkins) with Hippo; and even use the onDemand REST API to script the platform themselves.


within the digital environment without coding

Open API structure

allows Hippo to sit within a continuous integration platform

Build custom components

quickly or plug them in with Hippo Essentials

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