Hippo offers a lightweight delivery framework that builds on classic portal solutions combined with the latest architectural principles to create secure web portals, intranets and extranets. Hippo's portal offering supports business agility by providing the ability to continuously optimize content delivery, the freedom to prototype and experiment, and the flexibility to change course and adapt to new circumstances and requirements.

Hippo’s modular, open product architecture is designed to offer interoperability on all levels, providing light-weight and flexible integrations with both backend and marketing-suite solutions. Agile cross-channel delivery capabilities ensure that the user experience remains consistent across all touchpoints.

Businesses receive comprehensive audience and segment insights from every channel, provided in the form of actionable, interactive trend reports that aid in the creation of user personas and the in-depth analysis of visitor preferences and content performance. Hippo’s powerful personalization engine ensures that every digital visitor receives a contextualized experience tailored to their needs and interests, across every channel and every repeated visit.


Flexible integration with all enterprise sytems


Personalized cross-channel delivery, including 'headless'

Content performance

Experimentation and analytics for maximizing ROI

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