We know that the more people see our code, the higher the quality and innovation capacity of our product. That’s why we actively look to open source communities like the Apache Jackrabbit Project, as well as highly-skilled groups of technologists like Apache Lucene, Angularjs, Docker and Elasticsearch to extend the Hippo community beyond clients and partners to over a thousand developers that actively help to improve the Hippo product.

We are also actively committed to being part of the formation of open standards within the open source community, which allows Hippo to integrate with a large number of external systems, and create APIs that enable flexible integration and innovation.

From these foundational practices, we develop our rock-solid, stabilized Enterprise platform, which undergoes heavy-duty testing for security, reliability, and scalability, and offers our customers unprecedented freedom of flexibility and control over their own digital environments.

Hippo has been proudly Open Source for over a decade. We are a member of and active contributor to the Apache Software foundation. Join us by downloading the Community Edition today.

Open standards

for flexibility and interoperability

Highest quality software

vetted by thousands of experts

Relentless innovation

always the best product

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