Mastering the user experience is critical to success in this industry. Technologies that support collecting data and leveraging in-depth visitor analytics can enable organizations to deliver the much-needed personalization required for customer satisfaction, business differentiation and growth. Hippo CMS allows you to gather comprehensive insights about your visitors, with analytics capabilities across all channels, and use these to present each and every single member of your audience with an outstanding, tailored, and attractive user experience -- custom content assortment, new content discovery, social community -- that transcends platforms and deepens engagement.

Customers don’t want a different experience in digital versus traditional media: what they want is more flexibility, freedom and convenience in when and how they consume the content they are looking for. Hippo CMS powers your media and entertainment business with the ability to deliver an engaging and tailored, yet consistent multi-channel user experience across all screens and devices. Hippo onDemand supports continued adaptation to changing consumer demands with unprecedented agility, for rapid time-to-market, and supports complex interoperability with all major technologies within the digital experience ecosystem (such as Data Management Platforms).

Outstanding user experience

by serving data-driven personalized content from the first visit

Unprecedented agility

for rapid time-to-market

Business in control

of data and content across all channels, digital or non-digital

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