Hippo CMS has from its very beginnings been built to integrate with all the major systems that an online environment requires, including marketing automation and CRM tools, eCommerce solutions, data management and digital asset management systems.

Hippo’s API structure and open standards allow for all levels of integration required by today’s digital business environments:

Content interoperability
Any application or process can integrate with Hippo for automatic creation, import, export and publication of content. The foundation of Hippo Repository is Apache Jackrabbit, the reference implementation of JCR specifications JSR-170 and JSR-283. All content and Hippo functionality is exposed through a standard set of Java and REST API interfaces.

Hippo also stores all content in a structured way with no presentation applied. Hippo Repository allows for the creation of domain-specific content types, enforcing data integrity when external systems push content into the repository.

Data interoperability
A live visitor profile is maintained for every unique visitor to your digital property. The visitor profile is initially stored in-memory but persisted into a back end NoSQL database. Whenever the visitor returns and is recognized, their previous profile is picked up and progressively enriched with new data points.

The visitor profile data can be used offline for data analysis by Big Data systems, as well as online to tailor the visitor’s web experience in real time. With every page view, HST triggers a set of configurable data providers that receive the visitor profile and current request information, after which the providers get an opportunity to process the data and add information back to the profile. This allows for integrations with external data systems like CRM to look up extra data about the visitor based on their history.

Front-end interoperability
Hippo’s background in portal technology and its strict separation of content, layout, and logic, supports contextual integrations on the data level and integration of content and applications in real time.

For your business

Integrate with all major enterprise tools and software

Open API structure

solid data and content integrations

Looks good

Flexible front-end integrations

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