Education is entering a new phase with the self-directed learning phenomenon at its core, with learning available not just online, but on-demand, self-paced, adaptive, just-in-time. Flexibility and scalability are paramount for higher education institutions to keep up with student demands. Hippo onDemand enables institutions to leverage cloud technology for unprecedented speed of adaptation and innovation. Hippo also supports an omni-channel environment, so students can be served an uninterrupted learning or brand experience across all channels or devices.

The stakes are higher than ever for education leaders to prove they can help their students succeed, and data-driven behaviour and communication are becoming integral to business success. Hippo offers the ability to aggregate data across all channels and sources, and provide in-depth analytics about each student's journey. Combined with its powerful targeting and personalization capabilities, Hippo enables higher education institutions to present each student with the right content at the right time, and such build a personalized one-on-one relationship, uniquely suited to their needs. By harnessing the power of listening to their students through digital, educational institutions will be improving services -- and, ultimately, increasing reach, enrollment, retention and graduation rates.

Ultimate agility

on a platform that grows with your needs

In-depth analytics

and data integration across all channels and sources


and personal experiences for increased student engagement and retention

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