The secret lies in leveraging user data from all available sources -- from your own content on all channels through which it is served, to third-party services -- to create and deliver targeted content to users that is truly personalized to their particular needs and context (and adapted for the channel or touchpoint in question).

Hippo’s personalization engine has been built to give you the ability to target content to widely varying target audiences, catering to diverse customer personas and any range of customer journeys. With Hippo’s ability to aggregate data across all channels and sources, marketers can pin-point which content marketing campaigns land and drive Lead to Revenue optimization, as well as spotting trends in user behaviour that indicate a need for change or an opportunity for growth.

Hippo integrates easily with existing Marketing Automation, Campaign Management, CRM, PIM, eCommerce, Translation Management, ERP and ECM solutions to make managing the sales cycle easier than ever. Hippo's native multilingual support and connectivity to Translation Management mean these optimized digital experiences can be easily localized for all existing and new markets.


with existing digital marketing technology ecosystem

Continuously optimize

conversion along the buyer journey with persona-based targeting

Easily deliver

personalized content to any channel

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