By providing businesses with in-depth analytics about their visitor's customer journeys, combined with powerful targeting and personalization capabilities, Hippo enables businesses to deliver digital experiences that serve up individually tailored to content, services and product offers to every visitor. This ability to offer an unprecedented amount of visibility into customer behaviour means that a highly-tailored sales cycle can take place entirely online, as visitors find exactly what they're looking for, perfectly tailored for their context, needs, and stage in the customer lifecycle - delivered at scale in digital.

Hippo also allows organisations to integrate more organically with their customers’ natural behaviours, by offering optimized, personalized cross-channel delivery and analytics, including offline channels, such as displays in branches, at events and on Internet of Things devices. With its light-weight architecture, Hippo also integrates smoothly with existing and new digital experience components, bringing the flexibility for change along the path of customer experience optimization.


and personal experiences across all channels

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for IoT and Smart Connected Products

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