Fundamentals Exam: Certification Knowledge Areas

What knowledge areas will be tested in the Developer Fundamentals Exam?

General Hippo Knowledge

  • Hippo as a content-oriented CMS

  • The relationship between CMS, Delivery tier and Repository (high-level)

  • The concept of exposing multiple channels from one Hippo instance

  • What is Faceted Navigation?


Developer tasks

How to set up, build and run a new Hippo project.

  • Understanding the functions of each maven module in the project

  • Essentials: know its purposes and functions (features and tools)
  • How to specify the location of the Repository
  • How to work with and understand the functions of Webfiles and Automatic Export
  • Know how to use the console and the repository servlet



Understanding of the working and functions of the CMS.

  • The various perspectives
  • Rights of the author, editor, webmaster and admin
  • Understanding the default publication workflow
  • Creating and maintaining Document types
  • Configuring a folder menu for adding documents and folders
  • How folders for different languages are linked, and the benefits of that for editors
  • The functions of the Channel Manager, for content editors and webmasters
  • Understanding of what Image Sets are, how they are configured and used.



Understanding the structure of the stored data (nodes, properties, hierarchy) and understanding of how this structure is defined

  • Importing and exporting data using XML: manually, but also through bootstrap
  • The role of an Initialize Item
  • The Hippo repository:
    • Understanding of what kind of data Hippo stores in the repository
    • How Faceted Navigation is configured, and how it is exposed in the Repository
    • How you can use Faceted Navigation in the site


Hippo Site Toolkit (HST)

Understanding which elements play a role during an HST request: HST configuration, content, HippoBeans, HstComponents and templates

  • Explaining the basic function of host groups, hosts, mounts, sites, menus, sitemap and page configuration.
  • Understanding of the page structure setup in three different locations, with their own functions.
  • Knowledge of what is stored in the hst:workspace and why that exists.
  • Understanding the function of a HippoBean, an HstComponent.
  • How all these elements are linked to each other
  • Understanding the set of Essentials HstComponents: how to use and extend them

Working with HstRequest attributes in an HstComponent and in templates.

  • Understanding that HstRequest attributes are namespaced.
  • Knowledge of how to build and execute repository queries in a Java component, and how to work with the result of the query.
  • Knowledge of which method of an HstComponent is called during the render phase.
  • Understanding that an HstComponent must be built in a thread-safe way.
  • Understanding the role of and be able to build ParameterInfo classes. What kind of annotations can be used in these classes?

Sitemap items: understanding the functions of wildcards. Understanding which rules HST applies to match a request to sitemap item, and how they are applied.

  • How to configure the relative contentpath of a wildcard sitemap item.
  • Understanding that sitemap items are used to create links from as well. Understanding what a canonical link is, and how to generate it.

Additional HST topics:

  • Understanding the functions of these HST tags: webfiles, link, include, html, headContribution and headContributions.
  • What are Resource Bundles and how are they used?
  • Page Prototypes: what are they used for and how are they configured?


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