The businesses that survive - and thrive - are not going to move faster by taking shortcuts in their structural and IT processes, but by implementing sustainable, future-focused change supported by technological excellence and implementation best practices.

This requires a bimodal approach to managing IT, reducing time-to-market, and more effectively aligning the activities of IT with the business goals. Hippo is a future-proof solution that enables operational business efficiency, by providing a platform that allows business and IT to work together and in parallel. Continuous integration principles are at the heart of the Hippo product, with its flexible development framework, automated deployment and testing processes whenever possible, and REST APIs for seamless integrations and cross-platform builds. Hippo is deployable in any data centre, in the cloud or a standards-based architecture of your choosing.

Hippo is an enterprise-level digital experience solution that enables IT to move quickly to meet business demands, enabling diverse teams within the organisation to work collaboratively to reduce inefficiencies and quickly implement digital creativity and innovation.

Build freely

Built for continuous delivery so you can build, create and implement freely


REST APIs provide seamless integration with content and data sources and third-party tools

Be creative

Separation of content and presentation layer means businesses can implement new content, channels, and user flows instantly

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