Education and Training

Hippo enables you to build incredible digital experiences that continue to grow and evolve with your market and your visitors. For businesses looking to understand the full extent to which Hippo can flex to meet their needs - now and in the future - we offer multiple learning pathways. Whether you are just starting down the Hippo trail or want to dive into the latest platform updates, our educational tracts have got you covered. Hippo educational opportunities include:

  • Online Developer Trails to get you started
  • Instructor Led Training & Certification Exams for Fundamentals and Advanced levels
  • Online Learning Portal for continuous learning after your certification
  • Hippo Resources for continuous inspiration

Developer Trails

Ready to dive in? Head to our tutorials page for guides and developer trails that will help you get up and running with your first Hippo implementation project.

Instructor-Led Training 

Hippo training courses are designed to help engineers, architects, webmasters, consultants, editors and marketers become fluent in the Hippo platform as quickly and efficiently as possible. Following our training courses is the best way to ensure maximal return on investment for your business as you start to work with Hippo.

Interested in our Training calendar?

Training Courses for Developers

Hippo Developer Fundamentals Training, 3 days

This course is for developers who want to quickly get up to speed with Hippo. The training focuses on development techniques, how-tos and best practices when developing a Hippo based web content management solution and website.

Hippo Advanced Developer Training, 3 days

This course offers a deep dive into the Hippo platform and provides the knowledge needed to take on a solution architect position in your next Hippo web development project.

Hippo REST Training, 1 day

In this advanced training, developers learn how to build RESTful services in Hippo.


Training Courses for the Entire Team

Implementing a digital initiative requires both developer and business users to get onboard. Our training aimed at both groups provide an opportunity for both sides of the coin to come together and learn.

Hippo Relevance Training, 2 days

This course is your guide to mastering the Hippo Relevance Modules, which bring targeting and personalization to Hippo websites, mobile sites, social sites and a multitude of other digital touchpoints. We start by exploring all options of Relevance and creating a solid understanding of the concepts involved. The first half of the program will explore the concepts behind Relevance with everyone. In the second half, there will be separate tracks for business users and developers for further in-depth training on their roles in relevance implementation.


Training Courses for Business users

Hippo CMS End-User Training, 1/2 day

Hippo is a very intuitive system and little training is needed to get going in the CMS. But we have seen that half a day of best practices, tips and tricks can greatly improve your editing productivity. After only half a day of hands-on training, editors are made familiar with the ins and outs of Hippo CMS. Hippo provides these End-User Trainings on request at your location.

Hippo Relevance Training for Business Users, 1 day

Kick-start your personalised experiences with our 5 step plan, which provides everything you need to create relevant digital experiences for your visitors. From learning the basics to integrating data from your internal applications to defining a long term strategy, this 1 day course lets you hit the ground running on your relevance initiative.

Developer Certification

Becoming a Hippo Certified Developer is the best way to demonstrate your expertise in working with the Hippo platform and is a valuable way to establish your credibility as a leading professional in the quickly-growing field of open-source web content management development. Through our dedicated trainings, offered in Amsterdam, Boston, or on-premise, we provide the most up-to-date, highest-level of practical knowledge to prepare developers for the Certification Exam. Two levels of certification are available: Hippo Certified Developer and Hippo Certified Advanced Developer.

Online Learning Portal 

For Hippo partners and certified developers, our learning portal provides access to the latest product updates and continous education. Both developers and businesses users will find courses of interest, each one broken up into bite size pieces so you can learn at your own pace. Ready to learn? Contact to create your account so you can tighten that backpack, sharpen those pencils, and dive on in to your next Hippo online course.

Hippo Resources

Check out our Insights page for webinars, white papers, eBooks, and videos about the Hippo platform and the Digital Experience journey as a whole.

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