Relevant, personalized content is becoming a key value driver for businesses as it has a direct impact on customer engagement, retention and loyalty.

An eCommerce solution alone is not as powerful as when it combines with a CMS like Hippo that offers the ability to enrich the shopping experience with optimized product pages, content marketing across multiple channels, and the capability to easily spin out campaign and white label sites.

Hippo also enables businesses to track and analyse user behaviour across all channels. This means you can deliver a dynamic personalized shopping experience to individual users regardless of channel, increasing e-tail conversion rates and reducing shopping cart abandonment; businesses can then leverage the wider data pool to quickly identify and adapt to changing marketplace trends and consumer demands.


Works for you

An integrated commerce ecosystem to unify new and existing tools

Customer engagement

across all channels - digital and offline

Segment Activation

Digital market insights at your fingertips

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5 continents, local shopping experiences.

Digital commerce

2,000+ local merchants. One global brand.


A new business model built with Hippo.


Increase conversion, build loyalty.


Go with your customers anywhere.

Online Demand Generation

Reduce cost per lead.

Agile Marketing

Be the market leader.

B2B Marketing

Better conversion. Happy customers.

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