To truly connect with visitors, businesses need a strategic approach to creating digital experiences that will continue to evolve with their business and with the needs of their customers. This requires a robust digital experience platform that addresses the needs of all parties: engineers, content creators, and visitors.

Built with developers in mind, Hippo provides flexibility, stability, and control, catering towards continuous delivery methodologies in the cloud.

For marketing managers Hippo works upstream, providing tools to create and refine their content marketing strategy, including robust visitor analytics, customer journey mapping, and testing and experimentation tools. Content creators can easily execute new campaigns across web, mobile, social, apps and also displays, billboards and Internet-of-Things devices.

Visitors to digital environments built with Hippo will experience a truly personalized experience every time, in every channel, powered by Hippo’s progressive targeting engine.


Personalize and target content based on in-depth user analytics


Delivery across all channels for truly contextualized experiences


Unprecedented agility and freedom for limitless creativity

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