Harness the power of content and data:

Create your organisation's differentiating digital environment with Hippo. Create a personalized experience for every visitor in any channel to increase conversion, customer engagement, and ultimately bottom-line revenue.

For businesses that are ready to use digital to drive business growth (by increasing digital engagement, improving brand loyalty and conversion, and optimizing self-service interactions), Hippo is the leading digital experience platform.

Deliver personalized content to every visitor with Hippo's relevance module and data-driven visitor profiles. See which content performs and converts using in-depth behaviour analytics and real-time visitor analysis across all channels; optimize content and user experience elements through our experiments module. Leverage Hippo's ability to integrate with your entire suite of marketing, asset management and CRM tools to create a consistent digital ecosystem for your business and your visitors. With Hippo, your digital channels will work for you to get more visitors, increase conversion and ultimately increase revenue.

Hippo is available as a fully cloud-based platform, enabling your business to unlock unprecedented operational agility, further reducing your time-to-market and infrastructure complexity. Hippo is also available as an on-premise offering.


Hippo is the bridge between tech and marketing, giving us the opportunity to look at how our customers behave and respond effectively.

- Martine Barbier-Westhuis, Randstad

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The Hippo Community

Look under the hood and see how Hippo is made: at the core, we are open-source. We build Hippo by engaging the world's open-source community to help us create the best performing, most cutting-edge platform. Together with thousands of the world's best developers we work together to set the standards for what's considered the 'best of breed' in this industry.

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