Autodesk software is used by millions of customers around the world to design, visualize and simulate their ideas before they are built.


Autodesk wanted to radically change their business model: from shipping software on CDs to delivering Software as a Service in the cloud. As they have millions of clients, this would require an agile, open and dynamic content platform as a new way to work with customers and partners.



Autodesk implemented Hippo, building a scalable and robust cloud platform to transition to a flexible subscription model that relies the delivery of multilingual content to customers around the world in real time.

By managing our content in the cloud, we now roll out content updates to all our customers worldwide in just a few minutes.

Tony Featherby, Autodesk

28 app stores receive multilingual content

What used to take 1 year now takes 3 minutes

12 languages used regularly for content updates