Developers can access content from the Hippo repository to serve to any application, including web or mobile apps, werables, digital displays and other Internet of Things (IoT) devices via Hippo's easy to use, automatic REST API. Content editors can continue to work from one central system while delivering to traditional and application-driven channels independently.

By combining this Content as a Service offering and traditional digital experience management, Hippo offers businesses complete freedom in developing their integrated, cross-channel digital strategy. Hippo’s advanced personalization and targeting features as well as comprehensive visitor and content performance analytics continue to be available across all channels regardless of how the content is accessed.

Using Hippo’s automated content REST API service, businesses can customize and optimize the entire customer journey from beginning to end, ensuring full flexibility and agility for future readiness and complete channel consistency for their digital visitors.

Develop freely

Create digital experiences without presentation restrictions.


Personalized, consistent experiences at every touchpoint.


Repurpose content easily for any channel or application.

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