The digital ecosystem is a crucial element of B2B marketing, and can generate significant business opportunities if you can learn how the content you are creating and delivering to your customers is performing across channels and touchpoints, and quickly adapt your approach to market trends and consumer demands.

With Hippo CMS, you can empower your local market managers to run powerful, personalized marketing campaigns while maintaining control over brand consistency and insight into global customer data. Hippo CMS integrates with your Marketing Automation, Campaign Management, CRM, PIM, eCommerce, Translation Management, ERP and ECM tools, and enables you to gather insights from aggregated customer data from across your entire technology landscape. Hippo’s cross-channel targeting and personalization capabilities ensure that buyer journeys are consistent across digital and offline channels - in any market and in any language.


with entire existing digital marketing technology ecosystem


in deployment and collaboration accelerates time-to-market

Optimize conversion

along the buyer journey with persona-based targeting

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