Hippo helps businesses to transform their digital environments quickly and continuously, by providing a platform built on open-source technology, with interoperability and rapid development as core tenets. Hippo's continuous deployment capabilities offer businesses unprecedented speed of innovation and the agility needed to respond to quickly-changing customer and market demands more reliably than their competition. Hippo customers comfortably deploy new features several times a day, lauding both Hippo's stability and performance.

With its lightweight architecture, Hippo integrates smoothly with existing and new digital experience components, ensuring continued flexibility for business change and growth. Hippo is the only hybrid content management platform supporting traditional digital experience delivery as well as new “headless” scenarios, catering for content delivery to any channel, whether traditional, new, or not-yet-existing.

Future ready

Hippo's microservices approach is the future of digital experience architectures


Highest level of interoperability makes Hippo ideal for integration scenarios

Continuous deployment

capabilities for unprecedented digital experience innovation agility

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