Hippo is the digital experience platform for marketing teams that want to be agile: it puts you in charge of managing content, delivery across different channels, and data-driven personalization.

Our comprehensive analytics and progressive targeting capabilities give you the ability to customize every visitor’s digital experience with your brand. You can easily create and repurpose content for use on any channel so you maintain brand voice and consistency at every touchpoint, and our ‘experiments’ feature lets you rapidly test and optimize content and campaigns based on actual user behavior.

At the same time, Hippo gives your development teams the ability to build new functionality faster and integrate with adjacent technologies easier. All-in-all, this makes your digital marketing operations a powerhouse for digital innovation, truly giving you the differentiating edge over your competitors.

Personalize content

based on user behaviour, analytics and personas

Test and optimize

content through experiments


with all major marketing and CRM tools

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