Why Hippo CMS

Hippo CMS is the Digital Experience Platform for creating personalized experiences across all channels. Hippo’s open standards philosophy makes it the ideal solution for agile development and open integration.

Editors love Hippo because it's easy to use and helps them get their work done quickly and efficiently. Marketers love Hippo because they can roll out and manage channels simply - and increase conversion with targeting and personalization.

IT folks love Hippo because they can create new functionality quickly and can integrate with other systems in no-time. And it's just fun to work with the latest and coolest technology.

Dynamic, targeted experiences

To create more relevant experiences, Hippo CMS gives marketers the right mix of targeting and personalization by capturing the visitor's situation, behavior and history.

Visitors are matched dynamically to persona definitions. Real time visitor analysis provides valuable insight into the online audience.

With open data connectors, organizations can leverage audience insights from existing systems such as CRMs and transactional solutions, as well as cloud services such as sentiment analysis or weather information.

Getting multichannel engagement under control

Hippo puts business users in control of creating and managing multiple websites, mobile channels, tablet sites and Facebook pages.

Hippo utilizes responsive design techniques but doesn't stop there: CMS users can optimize every channel experience to fit the visitor’s context.

Hippo's open interfaces allow content publishing to mobile apps, tablet apps and even in-store displays and kiosks.

Separation of content, layout and logic

Hippo CMS is a master of separating content from layout. By strictly managing content rather than pages, Hippo CMS reduces content management overhead and increases editorial velocity.

This makes Hippo the ideal solution for serving dynamic, targeted multichannel and multilingual experiences.

Hippo stands out in its ability to syndicate content from other repositories and serve it in a format neutral way to applications and affiliates.

Digital Experience Platform as a Service

We take care of IT management. You keep the control, security, and customization benefits of on-premise.

Enterprise architecture

Hippo provides the best of both worlds: a cloud-ready, scalable architecture coupled with an open and flexible development model. This combination ensures that organizations can leverage Hippo CMS the way they want.

Hippo CMS can be deployed in any data centre and in any standards-based architecture. Hippo lives up to its reputation of stability, performance and flexibility.

Innovate faster with agile development

A web environment is a living thing that needs to innovate to stay appealing and relevant to its audience. You need to be able to add channels, relevance or introduce new features in a live project.

Our tooling enables marketers and developers to work together to deliver innovation rapidly.

Integrating Digital Experience systems

Hippo’s open integration capabilities enable you to move rapidly and scale effectively. Hippo’s standards-based architecture gives you the power to be open for integration, open for innovation, open for flexibility, open for high-impact content – open for success. Because solutions that play well together – succeed together as well.

CMS Critic's Choice: Best Open Source CMS 2013

With cutting edge technology principles, we are proud to be the leading Enterprise Open Source Java CMS out there

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