There’s a lot I agree with in Boriana Ditcheva's article “Why an open source community beats access to tech support.” Community is the backbone of open source—it drives innovation, provides much needed vigilance for the quality of code, and constantly reminds us that the benefits of technology are something we strive for together.

Here at Hippo, our amazingly responsive community is crucial in helping guarantee the best experience and service to our customers. But it does not do so alone. An open source community is an amazing resource, but especially for the enterprise, it does not have to come at the cost of professional services.  We believe very strongly in our open source community edition. But we also recognize that our many of our enterprise clients –though they love the open architecture, the flexibility of integrations, the scalability and yes, the community that Hippo offers—need the guarantees of a professional support team. 

It’s not a dichotomy 

Open source and proprietary are not sworn enemies—they don’t have to be. The fact that governments and businesses are increasingly choosing open source solutions for the quality of the code is a testament to the professionalism, skill and teamwork of the greater open source community. It’s great to see the quality of products that open standards help innovate increasingly recognized.  But as enterprise-sized organizations recognize the practical benefits of open source, it’s unsurprising and logical that they’d want the support and security of any other enterprise system. It’s here that Commercial Open Source can bridge the gap, and ensure that software built on open standards is a viable option for even the most expansive organizations. 


Boriana's article can be found here