How fast is your Big Data?

Online, the speed of your Big Data is all that matters.

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German Tech, Oktoberfest and Why Dutch and German Business is a Perfect Fit

For a Dutch company, few places offer as perfect a business fit as Germany.

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In the Press: WCM-Pick for the Process Instead of the Project

Web content management has completely changed. Some people argue that “Web” is too small a word now, because of the “omnichannel” world we now have to populate with content. Others argue that it’s about the “digital experience” or the “customer experience.” Whatever it is – one thing that's clear is that the amount of content, along with the number of tools producing it, has increased significantly.

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Create Customer Journeys that Lead to Revenue

In such a vast and developing digital environment, where new channels are constantly emerging, to generate and maintain revenue, businesses need to balance brand consistency with delivering specific and relevant messages across channels (even those that aren’t their own.) Below are a few things to remember when creating customer journeys that lead to revenue:

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In the Press: The 'Scoop' on Content as a Service

We all know that managing content is still a big challenge for most enterprise organizations — and it’s not one that’s getting any simpler. But what change needs to be made so that enterprises — while maybe not passionately believing that their web CMS is their competitive advantage — at least feel like it makes them strategically competent with digital content?

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