In the Press: What Matters (and What Doesn't) for Flexible, Agile Solutions

You don't have to choose between scalable and agile--businesses need to realize is that it’s not what the product is written in — it’s how it’s written that determines flexibility.

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At Hippo, Openness Goes Beyond Development Methodology

Hippo’s experienced record growth lately. With that growth have come several new hires. Maintaining company culture during growth spurts and across continents can be a challenge, but having just returned from a trip to the States, I’m happy to say that the workplace atmosphere and attitude we value so much in Amsterdam is just as strong in Boston.

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CMS and Marketing Automation: 5 Things to Remember When Considering Integration

These days, everyone in the industry is talking about the importance of making eCommerce and CMS work together. Rightfully so. But I see another hot topic on the horizon, a bridge of sorts between content and marketing automation.

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Why Hippo is participating in OpenCo Amsterdam

It’s always hard when people ask me whether Hippo is a Dutch company. On the one hand, we’re very Dutch: we were founded in the Netherlands and we’re proud to serve major Dutch clients including the Dutch government and Dutch police. It doesn’t get much more Dutch than that. On the other hand, we’re quite international.

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5 Questions to Ask (Yourself) When Deciding on a Mobile App versus HTML5 Responsive Website

It hardly needs repeating anymore: within the customer experience space, we already know that mobile has gone from just another channel to the primary means of engaging with customers.

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